• St. Joseph Ost (map)
  • 12917 East Maple Grove Road
  • Mount Hope, KS, 67108
  • United States

Adoration Under the Stars is once again here!


Adoration Under the Stars is our largest Annual Adoration Event within the diocese of Wichita.

Join Wichita Adore Ministries at St. Joseph Ost Catholic Church for Eucharist Adoration adorned by by beautiful stars and the Kansas sky. Beauty beyond words! We had over 500 people last year, so be sure to come out early and stake out your spot - we encourage you to bring lawn blankets or chairs as you are able. Bug spray and water will be provided.

The event starts at 8:45pm and will go until just after 10pm. Keep in mind that in our experience, it always takes a little longer than expected to make it out to Ost!

This is a perfect event for anyone and everyone - we can't wait to see you all out there!

This is a free event for all ages. Youth groups, prayer groups, families, small children are all welcome!

Event parking map: Yellow is good, please do not park in the red areas. Thank you!