Wichita Adore Ministries is made possible by the selflessness of our team and volunteers. Influenced by the Stewardship Way of Life, our team provides time, talent, and treasure in an effort to further our ministry and assist with yours. Our talented and lively team looks forward to bringing more people face to face with the Eucharistic Heart of Christ.

Morgan Werth - Presentation, Lighting

Andrew Purcell - Event Planning, Development, Video, Lighting

Alexis Schueller - Video Operations, Production Technician

Angelica Ayers - Production Technician

Maggie Wilson - Percussion

Tory Freeman - Worship Vocalist

Jodi Weber - Worship Vocalist

Joseph Schinstock - Event Planning, Development, Technician, Photographer, Video

Greg Bradford - Bass Player

Dustin Vestering - Lighting Design, Production Technician

David Purcell  - Video Operator, Production Technician

David Purcell - Video Operator, Production Technician

Austin Mernagh - Liturgy Specialist

Emilie Leivian - Photographer, Social Media Coordinator

Joe Dockers - Worship Guitarist, House Band Lead

Jesse Elpers - WAM Coordinator, Worship Musician, Event Planning, Development, Lighting, Audio Technician

Emily Spexarth - Worship Vocalist

Zach Weber - Video Operator, Production Technician

Colin Keiser - Production Technician

Ben Bogner - Worship Bassist and Guitarist

Paige Schinstock - Worship Vocalist, Treasurer

Emily Simon  - Presentation

Emily Simon - Presentation

Matthew Cooke - Lighting Design, Sound Technician

Evan Smeltzer - Event Management, Audio Technician, Stage Management

Liam Collins - Worship Violinist

Kylie Darland - Worship Pianist



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