We Love Our Partners in Ministry!

WAM has had the chance to work with some incredible organizers, speakers, musicians, and ministers from all walks of life. Below are just a few examples of some gratitude shared by them for our ministry. We can’t thank them enough for speaking up for us!

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Doug Tooke

Director of Ministry at ODB Films

Wichita Adore Ministries out of Wichita, KS brings a much-needed, polished professionalism to sound, stage, light, and musical worship at any Catholic Conference. They are hardworking, inspired young individuals who understand diocesan, parish, and independent ministry in an enlightening way. I would recommend their services to all, having worked closely with them on a number of occasions.

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Bishop Carl A. Kemme

Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, KS

“Wichita Adore Ministries (W AM) serves as a ministry seeking the heart of Christ in the Eucharist. It is their sincere mission and goal that each soul has the chance at a real, authentic encounter with Christ. Whether this chance comes through an Adoration event or an event they help produce, WAM will do everything they can to ensure every person gets this chance….

Wichita Adore Ministries has served well here in the Diocese of Wichita, KS, and it is my hope that their mission continue both here and beyond. This ministry and call of everyone to the heart of Christ is one of utmost importance, and as such has my full support and endorsement to continue and spread its work.”

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Archbishop Joseph F Naumann

Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

“Wichita Adore Ministries has been a trusted partner of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas for several years. As a production company they are very attentive to our Catholic liturgical considerations and our presentation needs. They take the time and care to ensure that each person is engaged in an elevated experience. Additionally, they are talented and thoughtful musicians and vocalists, and well-prepared to lead people of all ages in worship…

Wichita Adore Ministries has been a true help to our efforts in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, and I hope that this mission continues to serve both here in the Archdiocese and wherever they called next. This ministry has my support and endorsement to continue and grow their reach.”

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Deacon Dana Allen Nearmyer

Director of Evangelization, ArchKCK

Wichita Adore Ministries has been a trusted partner of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas for several years. As a production company they are extremely well equipped and very professional. Our national talent always comments on how professional our production is when Wichita Adore Ministries is the production. As musicians, they are theologically and liturgically very sound. They are wonderful musicians and vocalists. They are very comfortable working with bishops in sacred settings and youth ministers in rally settings. They are uniquely fitted to serve the Catholic Church in many forms of ministry.


Angie Bittner

Rural Youth Ministry Outreach Coordinator, ArchKCK

I cannot say enough good things about Wichita Adore Ministries. They are professional but fun-loving. They're super knowledgeable, but they always listen. The entire crew is joyful and Jesus-loving. They don't just go an extra mile, they go hundreds of extra miles to customize every event. Their servant hearts are inspiring, and I don't want to organize any event without the Holy Spirit and WAM.


David Walker

Program Coordinator for Youth and Young Adult Events, Catholic Diocese of Wichita

I have used Wichita Adore Ministries for audio/visual services and as a house band on many occasions. They are well prepared to handle my group events whether it be a rally for 75 people or a conference for 700. They handle all of my lighting, sound, and video needs with expertise and as an added bonus are well-versed in liturgical settings.

WAM brought renewed invigoration to our annual youth conference with their visual set-ups and music. They have brought hundreds of youth and adults closer to Christ through the Adoration events that they have been putting on throughout the Wichita Diocese and abroad. They have a passion for bringing Christ to the people in all that they do.


Anthony Keiser

Director, Office of Faith Formation, Catholic Diocese of Wichita

Having worked putting on Catholic events for over 20 years, it is almost impossible to find a one-stop shop where I can find musicians, full audio, light, and video production, stage managers, and experienced people fulfilling all of the above rolls who are committed to putting our Lord Jesus Christ first in all that they do. That is why WAM is so vital and I cannot recommend them enough!


Mikey Needleman

The Mikey Needleman Band, Kansas City, KS

I always prefer working with Wichita Adore Ministries. As a musician, they meet and exceed my expectations through their professionalism and attention to detail. That type of top-notch accommodation and passion is what sets them apart from many other companies I have worked with.


Cooper Ray

National Speaker, Songwriter

Over the past 20 years I have had the opportunity to travel around the country speaking and singing at numerous diocesan and parish events. Wichita Adore Ministries is in a league of their own! What sets them apart from other ministries is that they have command and experience on both sides of the microphone. Their experience as worship leaders and ministers provides them a unique perspective that only heightens their sensitivity and understanding as sound, lighting, and media technicians.

They have the quality and professionalism you would expect in a larger company, while still being grounded enough to provide individual and catered attention with whomever they are working. They simply GET IT! Central to all of this is a Christ-centered focus that makes them humble, kind, and personable. I can’t recommend them enough and always look forward to working with them any chance I get!


Carrie Ford

National Speaker, Songwriter

I had the pleasure of working alongside Wichita Adore Ministries for a Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference recently and I needed share my appreciation for this very talented group of servants. I was impressed with their professionalism and the scope of what they “brought to the table” for this event. As the keynote speaker and musician, they met all of my tech, sound and lighting needs one minute and then led me in incredible worship the next! Each member of the team was friendly and capable in their individual roles and a true support for me in mine. I felt as though I was invited to be part of a team for the weekend and it was a joy!

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