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WAM Productions

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You have a ministry, a great mission, a great idea. Let's bring it to life!

While Wichita Adore Ministries was just beginning to form and take shape, God started to push some of the talents and assets of WAM toward helping other Ministries do what they do at an extremely high level. WAM Productions embodies the same spirit and mission of Wichita Adore as we try to help other ministries reach their full potential!

Ever had a crazy idea, a thought, a great event idea, or a "What if..."? Believe us when we say that we live in that world! Wichita Adore can help bring that to life through Pro-Grade Audio - Visual Support in a variety of facets. From live event management to backline production, Wichita Adore is equipped to help with near anything production-related.

We'll never claim that we know all there is to know about our trade, or that we're the best in the business. But we do think we offer something unique: a true desire to help your event and ministry reach its best form - we want to fulfill your mission!

We Want To Provide Everything

WAM Productions comprises a huge spectrum of offerings for Live Event Productions. We want to take your calls to your  audio guy, video guy, presentation lady, camera operators, photographer, stage manager, and stage technician down to one simple solution: Wichita Adore Ministries Productions.

WAM Band in Macon, GA

WAM Band in Macon, GA

We've worked to extend ourselves into nearly every end of Live Event Production to have an offering in all of the following fields:

Mike Debus - Performance Painter

Mike Debus - Performance Painter

  • Live Sound

  • Live Video

  • Lighting and Lighting Design

  • Room and Architecture Lighting

  • Video Presentation and Multi-Screen Displays

  • Photography

  • Live Video Capture

  • Post Video Editing and Promo Creation

  • Stage Management

  • Room Layout

  • Liturgical Preparation

  • Crowd Control

Not only can we help across all these items, but you can also rest assured that each of these aspects will flow together seamlessly as they all are created under the same roof and team. 

Our promise is simple: we will solve. Whether it's an expected task or a sudden need, we stand ready to solve your event and take your mission to the next level.


WAM Productions Media

WAM Productions Media

We Want To Create Memories For You!

WAM Productions houses a fantastic host of Photographers and Videographers to suit your near-every need. Whether seeking a promotional video for your next event or a photographer that will always think of the event and the atmosphere as the picture gets taken, Wichita Adore Ministries can help!


Our hope is that we can help you find great images and videos of your Church, team, events, and mission.

If you'd like more information, simply contact us below and we'll get in touch with you soon about your next photo or video need!