Wichita Adore Ministries focuses on an encounter with the Heart of Christ.

While each of us prays in a very unique and beautiful way, Wichita Adore aims to meet everyone in beautiful prayer.

Our main objective is to allow everyone a view into the Lord's very heart: the Eucharist.

From Adoration to prayer services to missions, Wichita Adore is here to create an immersive encounter with Christ.

Wichita Adore Ministries is comprised of a group of young individuals, ranged from age 17 to 25, intent on sharing the Eucharist with as many souls as possible. Our ministry formed out of people seeking Christ, and it is wholly our intention to build everything we do based on that same sentiment. Our main functions include Ministry, Music, Production, & Photo/Video.

We partner with parishes, dioceses, and different ministries around the area to reach thousands of souls every year through Adoration Events and other outreaches.